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Nuisance Beaver Trapping, Another Day On The Job

The date is October 13th, 2017 and I am walking out of my 8 am class, my last class of the day on Fridays. I am about to go check the cages I have out at all of the jobs I am currently running and my phone starts ringing. Incoming call from my good friend Eric, this is strange I thought, he never calls me while he’s at work.  I answer, and Eric proceedes to tell me about a beaver pond that needed trapped at his bosses hunting land in Cadiz, Ohio. A beaver nuisance control job down in Southern Ohio during the early stages of pre-rut ? What luck I thought, I told Eric that I would be able to do the job this weekend, hung up the phone, and began contacting my other accounts, letting them know that I would have to pull their traps for the weekend as I was going out of town. Finished up work for the day and went home and began preparing for the weekend. After a few hours I had my truck loaded for the next morning. In the morning, Eric and I would be headed southbound with a truck packed down with hunting and trapping equipment. Fast forward to 1 pm, we are finally at the beaver pond after a long drive, as is, let alone a few missed turns to add to the fact. We get the swamp set up quickly with two bridger #3 coilsprings, a bridger #5 coilspring, and three duke 330 conibears. We were blessed with two dams, and three long and narrow channels through the cat tails, that served as their main travel route between the two dams, and the 12 acre lake on the backside of the cat tails. I quickly rounded up some beaver cuttings that would serve as suitable stakes and then began submerging the 330’s in each run, cross staking them with the cuttings. After the 330’s were set, I moved on to the two dams. I began kicking out a section on each dam, forming a break in the dam. I use a pogo stake to secure the trap at the middle of the break. Then, attached the  back end of the drowning rig to another beaver cutting and waded out to the deepest portion of the pond where I sunk the cutting deep into the muck until it was rock solid. I then found a nice spot to make a dam cross over set as well, that is where I placed the bridger #5 as there was more room to cover  than my homemade dam breaks. I then rubbed some Dobbins Back Breaker beaver lure on as stick that was sticking up in the middle of the cross over. This was the earliest that I have ever attempted to catch beavers, I wonder if this lure will be as deadly as it is in the winter, can’t hurt to try.

After the traps had been set all we could do was wait for them to do their job. So we quickly jumped in the truck and headed across the street, where there is thousands of acres of public deer hunting. We quickly strip down and change into our hunting clothes and enter the woods, equip with bow in hand and climbers on our backs. We plow through a thicket for what feels like hours and then finally pop out into an opening that we walk for quite a ways until we come up on what looked to be a prime ridge line.  Eric and I both set up on the ridge about a half mile apart from each other and patiently wait for the darkness to arrive. We knew it was a bit of crap shoot just popping off into some land that we knew nothing about, and our scent control probably wasn’t the best from setting traps all day. But I don’t believe in wasting a trip. As darkness falls Eric has a deer close in on him in range, but it was in a thicket, so he couldn’t tell the size of the deer or even the sex. I have an encounter as well towards last light. Where I have a very nice 3.5 year old buck come in to about 70 yards at the bottom of the ridge and make a scrape. Then darkness falls and the whole bottom explodes with deer activity.  Even though we didn’t have an opportunity to put a shot on a deer, we still found a life long hunting spot for whenever we come back to that area. This is a whole part of a life goal I’ve always  instinctively self induced, and that is to gain important wisdom and knowledge every day. No wasted time, no set backs, just pushing forward, and advancement.

We make it back to the truck and change and make our way down route 22 to Cambridge Ohio where we filled up on some much needed wings after a long day in the bush. After dinner we head down to our buddies hunting cabin located in Cambridge to stay the night and hunt the next morning.  Again, here we are, brand new property with no scouting opportunity, just gonna have to go off of what are friends tell us and straight hunting instincts. We get to bed and the sound of that early morning alarm came quicker then ever. We jump out of bed and hit the woods with our climbers. I picked a nice little valley, set up over a dry creek bed  that looked promising.  It was a slow morning for all of us. Until around 9 o’clock I had two nice two year old 8 points come in to about 10 or 15 yards, which was a fun encounter at least. I was the only one to see any activity on that windy morning.

After our hunt we proceeded to clean up around camp, pack our truck up, thank our friends for the stay, and hit the road. Now the fun part of the job, trap check day, judging by my excitement you would think it was Christmas morning. This is what it’s all about, I love going to work every day, and I am truly blessed to enjoy my occupations as much as I do. We make it to the beaver pond and come up on the  first dam, we had a coilspring set on the front of the dam break and a 330 conibear set on the backside in a narrow channel leading right up to it. The coilspring was still set, but we caught a nice mature beaver in the 330.  After this catch, we make our way towards the other dam. We had another 330 conibear set in another channel between the two dams, which was left untouched. We finally make it to the dam and check the two coilsprings we had set on the dam, both still set. This was was unexpected, I thought I’d be good for at least one beaver in a foothold set. We had one more coniber set behind the second dam, on the only passage way coming from the main lake up to the two beaver ponds. From a distance I could see the big brown back sticking out of the water,  we have gotten ourselves another beaver! Two nice mature beavers, a few good hunts, and a happy customer all made for a fantastic weekend! It was now time to make the drive home, butcher the meat out from the two beavers for the freezer, and catch up on my school work and get ready for the next day of work ahead of me. It’s a fast pace lifestyle I live, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



330 body gripper


Bridger #5 Coilsprings

Paul Dobbins Back Breaker Lure



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