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2016-2017 Winter Coyote and Fox Snare Line

Here is a short video I put together of my 2016- 2017 K9 catches. All of the coyotes and fox where caught in my homemade snares, which soon will be available for purchase in the shop. I also have a video of how I make them as well, which is titled Trapping: How To Make Quality Fox, Coyote, or Bobcat Snares + Setting + Announcement. In this video you can see exactly how I make my snares, and then shows me setting them up. Some of the locations featured in the setting video, you will later see in this video, of how they effectively catch coyotes. Half of the locations in this video, I pre-baited thickets of swamps with beaver carcasses, and put a little bit of Fox Hollow Bounty Hunter on a branch high up in the air. Then I hung snares on each trail, that branched off of the main central location, which is where I placed the beaver carcasses.


Out of the hundred acres I was able to trap, I only have two bait locations. Location is everything, you must find an area that’s thick enough to funnel the coyotes into your snares, that already gets a lot of coyote traffic without having the bait there, as well as a spot where you are able to easily anchor your snares. I either wire my snares off to trees, and saplings ( the saplings must be around the same diameter as the size of your wrist), or I will use my homemade pogo anchors (which will also be available in shop, and I also have a DIY video on the way as well). So when choosing location, you have to think, will there be any trees that I will be able to wire off too? Or, will the ground be able to anchor your pogo anchors?

The other locations I was trapping, didn’t offer any great locations to bait the coyotes in, but did offer a lot of coyote activity! In these locations I was simply blind setting for them, or in other words, I would simply set snares up on paths I knew they would take. When I entered the woods that day, it was just not another day of setting traps, like you would if you were setting footholds.  I strategically pick the days that I set the snares. Its tough to just walk into the woods on any given day and figure out the best spots and set with snares. Not saying you can’t catch coyotes this way, but its just not nearly as effective. I like to set 2-3 days after the snow as stopped falling, when there is a minimum of a half inch of snow left on the ground on that given day. The 2-3 nights have given the coyotes plenty of time to run there course, leaving you with a good understanding of which areas get the most coyote activity. After you find these trails its pretty simple, you just hang your snares and let them do the work!

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