The Origination Of Nimi Creek Outfitters


I get asked quite often, what is Nimi Creek Outfitters ? What does it stand for ? Well, Nimi Creek is not just a name, it’s actually very sentimental to my family and really defines a lot of my life growing up. First of all I come from a small town in Northeast Ohio called New Franklin, in New Franklin there is about five main roads, maybe. The one that goes through the center of New Franklin, is called.. You guessed it Nimisila road ! At the bottom of this road, is Nimisila Reservoir, where I fish, duck hunt, trap, bowfish, etc. This lake has a spillway, which the runoff from the spillway forms into Nimisila Creek. Before I get to the explanation of  the creek, the spillway also played a large role in my adolescence as well. This was the spot me and a few close friends would get dropped off at every day during the summers of our middle school years, we’d spend day after day down there dusk to dawn with a cooler, a large assortment of rods, tackle, bow fishing bows, and pellet guns. It was our safe haven, those were times I will never forget. Now onto the creek, which I know you all have been waiting on. The creek is where I learned the art of fur trapping, it is where I set my first trap, it’s where I caught my first animal ever, (a small female mink), it is where i truly fell in love with every aspect of the outdoors. This creek however, has held three generations of trappers in my family. My dad trapped it throughout high school and college, my great uncle trapped it before him, and now I run a small water line on it each season.