Nimi_Creek_Outfitters the absolute most raw, uncut, up to date outdoors page on Instagram and Facebook. We take everything we do to the absolute extreme.  If something in my life sparks an interest to me, I take in and absorb as much knowledge as I possibly can, then put in the hours in the field, working towards a state of perfection that will never, ever be achieved.  What this site is, is an online information bank for my fellow viewers to learn from me. You all have been loyal followers, some since day one, and I feel as if I should give back to you guys as a community. Instagram is a great site, you guys stay up up to date with my day to day activities extremely well. You get to see all of my pretty pictures, with short caption below it, but you are not learning. Many  are wondering “HOW”, how is this guy doing this, what equipment is he using?, etc. This site will cover similar topics as to my Instagram, but a more in depth version. If you truly want to better yourself as an outdoors man/woman you will follow the blog posts closely, as this site is where all of the fine point details will be.