1 doz. Homemade K9 and Bobcat Snares


Toughest, Most superior snare on the market today! Each one is made by hand, then hand loaded exactly to the standard that I use on my line! Each snare is made out of 5ft of 3/32 1×19 galvanized aircraft cable, for maximum strength, and ultimate quickness of fire. Toothless cam lock, so they can be legal in states where you must only use “cable restraints”. Each end is locked on with 2 smashed aluminum stops per side, hammered, not crimped. Equipped with 9 gauge wire swivel and rubber shock collar for quick and effective setting.

If you want to watch me build these snares click here https://nimicreek.com/?p=368

if you want to watch me load these snares click here https://nimicreek.com/?p=389

if you want to see these snares in action click here https://nimicreek.com/?p=365


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