Competitors Edge Custom Bow Strings

Competitors Edge is a division of McCormic Archery, we pride ourselves on only offering quality products,thats why everyone who purchases our strings gets the same quality as the next guy. The way we are able to achieve such a high quality is by starting from scratch with only the best string material, we construct our strings out of BCY material and then we use professional quality string jigs and stretcher with the ability to pre stretch the strings to a high enough weight to eliminate any future creep or peep alignment issues out of the finished product , we GUARANTEE zero peep rotation . We offer very customizable strings for those of you looking for bright eye catching colors.

 Our strings are available in
-1 color
-2 color
-2 color with pin stripe.
Please contact us for pricing.
Also be sure to ask about the details of free tuning we offer with the purchase of New Bowstrings. Competitors Edge Bowstrings #1 goal is not sales, it is to provide you with a product you can always be confident in when it counts the most.

Please use attached contract form to order. In message box please include year, make, and model of bow, and the colors you would like, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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